Patterns and pattern designed fabrics add instant interest to your sofa-style and are one of the most expressive fabric options we offer at The Sofa Company. All types of materials come in patterns from velvets to naturals and micro-fibers. Some upholstery patterns repeat themselves while others are more abstract. Go multi-tonal with your pattern or pick a pattern that’s all one color for a modern-retro feel. Traditional, contemporary, or modern, a pattern fabric can help you set a mood and tell a story with your sofa..

  • Arabesque  Color
  • Arctic  Color
  • Avocado  Color
  • Bacchus  Color
  • Billion  Color

  • Cabo MJD  Color
  • Chequit  Color
  • Cuba  Color
  • Curveball  Color
  • Denmark  Color

  • Dubai  Color
  • Flirt  Color
  • Gazebo  Color
  • Greece  Color
  • Hide N Seek  Color

  • Jupiter  Color
  • Marshmallow  Color
  • Rosen  Color