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What are the best fabrics you have for pets and messy kids?
Answered By :   Evana Capron

Our Bella fabric is a microvelvet, which is a cuddly fuzzy velvet, and our Dorosuede is a microsuede that has the soft touchability of a suede. Both of these fabrics are the most durable fabrics you can get because they are made completely of microfiber, and will stand the test of time with pets and messy kids! They both also come in a huge variety of colors. =)

Answered By :   Kate Mathews

If you need a new chic sofa but have the dilemma of messy kids or an accident prone pet, you have come to the right place. The Sofa Company offers Micro Suede, Micro Velvet, Micro Chenille fabrics which don’t absorb stains easily. Liquid will sit on top letting you clean the spill fast. Another option is our Teflon treatment which has a warranty of five years. The Teflon treatment allows you more time to respond to your stain and if the stain doesn’t come out after blotting you will be able to have someone come out to your house. There is also the option of a slipcover. We have four models with slipcovers but we can essentially add a slipcover to any style. With a slipcover and our prewash service you will be able to just throw the slipcover in the wash after any dirt or spill.